House of Luxe

IMG_0161817 Quarrier Street
Charleston, WV 25301

House of Luxe is West Virginia’s only full-service furrier. We specialize in fine fur garments and accessories of all types.

We carry a wide selection of skin types such as mink, fox, beaver sable, chinchilla, rex and coyote as well as squirrell and raccoon.

We offer jaclets, strollers, coats and vests in an array of syles and colors. You may also choose to have a garment designed and custom-made to suit your taste and style. Accessories include hats, gloves, leg warmers, scarves, shawls, capes, flings and handbags as well as earmuffs and stuffed teddy bears.

As West Virginia’s only full-service furrier, we offwer a wide variety of services.

After a complete store renovation last summer, we offer a brand new on-site cold storage facility to store your off-season garments. We also provide services for repairs, cleaning, monogramming and remodeling. Many clients choose to have fur garments remodeled to update and modernize their look. We can also turn those old furs into throws and stuffed animals.

At House of Luxe we carry a large selection of upscale costume designer jewelry such as Paige Novick, Miguel Ases, Amanda Sterrett,
Heet and Leighelena. Also beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelets from VSP and Dana Collections. My personal favorite is the gorgeous
colored druzy jewels from Marcia Moran. Also, elegant hair accessories from the French Atelier, direct from Paris.IMG_0169

We also have an exclusive on MOR products from Ausralia. Lovely scented bath products, lotions candles and gift sets in the most beautiful and luxe packaging.