Tony the Tailor

Samuelsohn09Sp_image5Tony The Tailor
West Virginia’s Finest Men’s Store
Anthony Paranzino – Master-Tailor
107 Hale Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25301


It’s not hard to tell which man shops at Tony The Tailor: he is wearing an ensemble that displays impeccable tailoring, upscale materials, and a classic, timeless design.

Master-Tailor Anthony Paranzino’s merchandise mix is appealing to our diverse clientele of Fortune 100 executives, Mid-Atlantic power brokers and successful attorneys, to NFL Superstars and Las Vegas crooners.

The shop is crowded with more than just bolts of fabric and swatches for bespoke suits, shirts, and coats: Oxxford and Southwick Clothing, Allen Edmonds and Florsheim footwear, hand-crafted
shirtings, extraordinary ties, luxury denim, quality polos and sweaters are favorites with the Mid-Atlantic’s smart set.

What some are unaware of is that Tony The Tailor is the preeminent men’s store in the Mid-Atlantic that specializes in high quality clothing.

Make a point of visiting Tony The Tailor.

More than likely, you will find that our timeless fashions are the right fit.