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Jules Burt at Taylor Books for the “High Heel Hike”

Thursday, September 15th, 2011





The big week is here, and Taylor Books is honored to be supporting Charleston’s first High Heel Hike to benefit the Children’s Therapy Clinic and their autism program! Artist Jules Burt – the High Heel Hike diva herself! – will be here for a benefit art show during Thursday’s Art Walk! Click on over to learn more about this fabulous event!


Robby Moore: Mixed Media Works at Art Emporium

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

circlespattsonsThis month at The Art Emporium:

Robby Moore : Mixed Media Works
September 13th ~ October 14th

Artist Reception during Artwalk September 15th 5 to 8 pm

Robby Moore began publicly exhibiting his artwork in 1999 at Concord University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts. In 2002, he began incorporating a few found objects in his artwork. Today, the majority of his work is created with found and recycled materials. He mixes many mediums to create a diverse body of work, including paintings, art books, puppets, masks, and sculptural works. His experimental, spontaneous style seeks to question, challenge and discuss the traditional mores of art. In 2004, Robby co-founded Treehouse Arts Ensemble, an arts organization dedicated to producing original fine and performing art in West Virginia, and currently serves on the Board of Directors. Robby is an experienced theatrical director and costumer, and has also worked professionally as a scenic designer/artist, actor, technician and marionette puppeteer. He recently began sharing Tamarack’s Studio A with textile artist Elaine Bliss. Robby was just nominated as one of the Top 15 Tamarack Artists in the 2011 summer issue of WV Living magazine.
He resides in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia.

Artist Statement –

I work intuitively, not knowing the exact destination of the piece. Each piece is an experiment. While durability is a priority, experimentation with subject matter, media and its application are paramount. I initiate stories, and provide no definite endings. I gravitate towards simple, problematic stories. My goals are to examine life, visually communicate contemporary human stories and share in a dialogue. I want my work to evoke questions and to prompt novel thought about traditional conditions and mores.


Romano Law to Feature Adrian Paige Blackstock

Thursday, September 15th, 2011





At Romano Law for the September ArtWalk:

Adrian Paige Blackstock- various mixed media images


Memories are fragile and untouchable, often awakened suddenly by something as simple as a scent. They are fleeting thoughts, often lost or transformed with time and experience.

It is as if the moments never existed.

I select images of women who have been poignant in my life. The images are all from a point in time before I knew the subject, some before I even existed. As I construct these images I allow my mind to wander in order to figure out what these women were like at the point in time the original image was recorded. I want to recapture an essence of a moment and to make aconnection in my mind between the person they were to the person I knew. It is my way to learn about them.


Judy Douglas at Good News Garage

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Alternate forms are celebrations of alternate forms of expressing ones art. It is artists finding venues that will exhibit original local art, other than galleries (i.e.) coffee shops, law offices and banks and etc. Below are a couple of the paintings by Judy Douglas that will be shown at Good News Mountaineer Garage for the September ArtWalk.